The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

domestic violence in the NHL 

Read this before you support the Oilers:

And listen to them when they say that McDavid _recruited_ this guy.

@MattRides that was like 6 hours in the office, good job.

4100's been the support, if we close below I think it'll go lower still.

Our problem lately is we let the plunge protection team disband.

@MattListens I swear I didn't... it's that silly voice assistant making a mistake.. I wanted to listen to NY.

I promise to keep the meta to a minimum but there's a real 'first days of college vibe' this week.

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Thinking this morning about how there are some topics and concepts that can *only* survive in an environment where saying incredibly daft things is incentivized by an algorithm. Move the concept outside of that protected bubble and into a human-controlled space and the humans within it roll their eyes and mutter "Oh heck off" and the admin flushes it away. That's why NFT/cryptocurrency marks end up on a vanishing minority of the few Fedi servers that'll indulge them.

So the Rangers clinch 2nd in the Met with two games left. Two games that I have tickets for and are going to be real stinkers...

Anyway, I guess the point is I need to make sure this is working for... reasons.

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woah, that upgrade to 3.5.1 was more than I expected. probably should have read the docs before I started...

my kid has just straight up taken to requesting don't stop believing from alexa and I think my work is done.

This is the guy I've been waiting for. Those pictures really emphasize what we're up against:

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