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Some of it's just transcendental
Some of it's just really dumb

I'm just going down a boygenius rabbit hole today while I grasp at literally anything else to think about than what's going on.

Maybe it's all going to turn out alright and I know that it's not but I have to believe that it is. Julien Baker

I've never filled in an oval with as much emotion as I did today... and I lived through W

Pokemon needs to issue a masked Pikachu like yesterday

My daughter is playing candyland with her cousin via video chat, some of the the only contact she has with other kids anymore, and it's really emphasizing the dystopian reality we're in.

May you live in interesting times? Like are there times that are just, you know, chillin'? Not sure I remember any in my 40+ years.

The last first caucus. and not a moment too soon.

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